BackCountry of Origin and Our Product Lines

ZU Bladeworx Core Products

Our core products (generally the one piece steel range) are 100% manufactured in Australia, either Brisbane or Sydney. We have also offered a few G10 handled products and hollow handle pieces in the past. These are manufactured exclusively from either A2 (Cryodur 2363) or D2 (Cryodur 2379) tool steel from Schmolz Bichenbach Germany. These tools are machined from 15mm thick plate steel. All tools manufactured for the ADF in the past (or pitched for the future) fall into this product category. All materials are imported (Steel from Germany and G10 sheet from Taiwan).

ZU Series 51

Series 51 is our product line where parts are made in Taiwan and then hand finished in Australia. The first knife in this series is the SCOUT51. All Series 51 knives have our usual ZU logo engraved on one side, and on the reverse the name of the tool followed by 51. This is to ensure you are aware that the product has some imported parts. Please be aware of this if you are only looking for our 100% Australian made knives and refer to ZU Core products instead of ZU 51 products. Steel on the Scout51 is Bohler D2 and we plan to offer different Japanese steels on future models.

ZU Design

Sometimes the designs we create are not feasible to make in Australia. In these cases, we partner with WE Knives on our ZU Design products. WE Knives is Chinese based and are what we would call extremely high end knife manufacturers. We send them our CAD work and they manufacture a finished product for us. So far we have released two folders, the Whiplash Mk1 and Whiplash Mk2. All ZU Design knives have ZU Design engraved on the reverse.