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Australian State Law Regarding Ownership of Daggers and Similar


As of October 2016, We became a Queensland business. All our knives are made in Queensland so we are governed by state weapon laws, not federal import laws. All our knives abide completely by the laws of Queensland. You can find a copy of the Queensland legislation here and knives are covered in Category M -

New South Wales

Our products also comply with all laws under the NSW State Government regarding prohibited and controlled weapons as stated in the NSW Police Force Firearms Registry Schedule 1 - Prohibited Weapons.  See here for further information -

Daggers and karambits are not prohibited items to own in Queensland and NSW (but cannot be carried on the person without lawful reason)


Many of the products we manufacture are prohibited in Victoria. However, collectors can get an exemption to own these items by joining a collectors organisation such as the Victorian Historical and Edged Weapons Collectors Guild. You can find them at

There is a lot of misconception about Victorian weapon laws about who can legally own daggers. The following Victorian Government Gazette has detailed information on dagger ownership. Please refer to page 103. It states, in section 9, that a membership in a collector club will provide you with an exemption to own a dagger in Victorian so long as you abide by safe storage requirements. The list of collectors clubs is listed following that table in Schedule 2, which lists the Victorian Historical and Edged Weapons Collectors Guild as a valid club for the purposes of the exemption. You can find the Gazette at this link -

General Information

  • Our products are only available to adults 18+
  • We advise you to make use of protective equipment, such as safety glasses and gloves, when using our equipment.
  • Our tools are not designed or suitable to be thrown.
  • Our products are all warrantied against manufacturer defects.
  • Our products are not warrantied against deliberate abuse.
  • Returns are generally not accepted unless there are special circumstances.  Please contact us first before returning any items. We reserve the right to refuse any warranty claim if we feel the tool was abused or used in a way not suitable for the design of the tool. 
  • It is your responsibility to ensure ownership of our product in your location is in compliance with your local laws (use the information above to help determine laws on the East Coast of Australia).
  • If purchasing from overseas, ZU Bladeworx is never responsible for your loss if your purchase is seized by your own Customs department.

By purchasing our tools, you warranty Zu Bladeworx against any future claim for any damage, injury, or death, accidental or on purpose, caused by our tools.  If you do not agree to this, do not purchase our tools.  At no time can a claim be brought against ZU Bladeworx for any damage, injury, or death, accidental or on purpose, resulting from using or owning one of our tools.