BackZU Bladeworx Australia

We are Australian manufacturers of high end cutlery, specializing in edged tools for military, police, sportspeople and collectors. We are a trusted manufacturer to the Australian Army and have an ADF issued Roman Vendor Number.

We work closely with Australian subject matter experts including Paul Cale and Ray Floro, both who are internationally renowned in their fields.

Our products are made in North Brisbane, Queensland. All our products are legal under NSW and Queensland state weapons laws for civilian ownership. 

Most of our knives are limited edition and include the following;

  • Centurion Mk1 (made from S7)
  • Warchild Mk1 (made from S7)
  • Splinter (made from A2 round bar)
  • Scout (A2)
  • Warhead (A2)
  • Viper (A2)
  • Ghost (Paul Cale signature model plus several variants, all made from A2)
  • Centurion Mk 2 (A2)
  • Punisher (Paul Cale/Ray Floro collaboration made from A2)
  • Vampire (A2)
  • FFSK (Floro Fighting Systems Knife made in A2)
  • Floro Fighting Systems Archangel short sword
  • Nomad (First run D2, then A2 for the rest)
  • Fatboy (A2)
  • Ruffneck (A2)


ZU Bladeworx Nomad in semi satin finish pictured above.