Gator founded Firebase Combat Studies group in 2005. He served first as a United States Marine, then transitioned to civilian law enforcement where he worked as a SWAT deputy with the Orange County Sheriffs office in Orlando, Florida.
After the attacks on September 11, 2001, he worked with the State Department Diplomatic Protection Services in the Middle East, and eventually as a Protective Special Agent, where he led numerous protective missions in support of counter terrorism operations.
Danny’s philosophy behind the Omega
“a compact fixed blade should be a part every professional’s first line gear. First line is equipment carried on your body and supports the individuals mission. Items such as weapons, communications and medical are categories that makeup the 1st line. The Omega is designed to serve as a backup to your handgun. Omega is your last, and possibly, the final line of defense. The Persian blade design is a battle proven design; with the addition of the retention ring, it makes for a unique, compact fixed blade. Designed to be drawn by the support hand when carrying a firearm, the user can configure the carry for a reverse grip or standard grip.”