ABOUT Zu Bladeworx


Zu Bladeworx Australia

We are an Australian manufacturer of high end cutlery, specializing in rescue and edged tools for Australian Police and Defence Force personnel. We carefully select high grade materials and produce pieces that will last a lifetime. Our products are machine made, however every single piece is hand finished, ensuring each piece has it’s own character and carries part of our spirit with it. We are a registered vendor to the ADF (Roman Vendor No. 1210268) and have supplied combat knives to the Australian Army (1RAR and the School of Infantry) under contract. Most of our products are legal to own by civilians in most states of Australia (legal to own not necessarily to carry) and are available for civilian purchase. Please check your state weapon laws before purchase though as each Australia state has their own weapon laws. If you would like to purchase one of our pieces please click the Distributors tab on the site menu to see what stock they have currently available.