ABOUT Zu Bladeworx


Zu Bladeworx Australia

ZU Bladeworx Australia was created by Matt Lucarnus in 2016. ZU Bladeworx is a Defence Contractor and the manufacturer of the H2HFW (Nomad Mk4) Knife for the Australian Army and the Commonwealth of Australia. ZU Bladeworx is contracted to NIOA (Defence Prime) to complete this project under the Commonwealth Land 159 Lethality Programme. ZU Bladeworx has also completed a battalion level contract for 1RAR and the School of Infantry (supply of the Nomad Mk2 Knife) and are a registered vendor to the ADF (Roman Vendor No. 1210268). You can find out further information about Land 159 at the following link – https://www.defence.gov.au/news-events/releases/2022-09-30/adf-signs-next-generation-weapons

ZU Bladeworx is a manufacturer of high end knives, specializing in rescue and edged tools for Australian Police and Defence Force personnel. Most of our knives are also available for civilian purchase (check your own state laws before purchase).

If you would like to purchase one of our pieces please click the Distributors tab on the site menu to see what stock they have currently available. 

Please note – the Land 159 H2HFW is not available at this time for civilian purchase. We hope to be able to offer a civilian version in the future.