Frequently Asked Questions

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How to purchase a ZU Bladeworx Knife or Tool?

The majority of our knives that are sold direct by us are sold on a preorder basis. In most cases, they are sold out by the time we have a finished product. We do supply stock to several dealers though who also preorder, and they have stock available when the items are finished. Please see our dealer list for more information.

Why are knives sold out and no longer available?

We like to change designs. We have produced over 60 different models since we began. We do not have the capacity to stock 60 different designs so we produce one model, they sell out, then we move onto something new. The aim is to continuously improve over the previous model.

How can I buy old discontinued designs?

Check our dealers first, sometimes they have old stock. Second, join our Facebook group ZU Nation. We have a very active second hand buy/sell/trade group there and many old items change hands amongst members. You can find the group here –

Where are you based?

North Lakes, Queensland, Australia

Do you have a showroom?

No we are not open to the public however we do attend many Australian knife shows so you can meet us there.

How are your knives made?

We outsource machining and heat treat to one of several machine shops we use (we have relationships with shops in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne). We get the parts back and hand finish and sharpen them. We also do leather and kydex sheaths in house. Our knives are technically production, but have a very obvious hand finished element to them. Some people would call this semi-custom. The owner, Matt Zu, also tinkers with hand made knives and regrinds of standard ZU knives. Matt does all the sharpening, kydex, and leatherwork himself. Matt Zu and Will Lim do all the designs that get produced.

What steels do you use?

Usually tool steel. Most of the original knives were A2 or D2 (European). We have used a lot of M2 high speed steel lately along with 1084 and 80crv2. Everything but the M2 is double tempered and hardned to 58-60 RC (the 1084 57-58). The M2 is triple tempered to a RC of 62-63.

Do you make knives for the Australian Army?

We have an ADF vendor number and have supplied our Nomad to 1RAR Australian Army and the School of Infantry. We have also completed several large private purchase orders for soldiers (private purchase is where they join up together for a group order and use their own money to purchase gear). We have also sponsored the Integrated Combat Centre Combatives Tournaments held at Enoggera for the last couple of years.

Ordering and Shipping

We ship to Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada only. For other destinations please speak to our dealers. All prices on this website are in Australian dollars.

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