We manufacture our products in Queensland, Australia and abide by all Queensland State Government weapon laws. All our products are legal to own in Queensland without licence or registration under Queensland State Law. It is up to the purchaser to ensure our product is legal for you to purchase and own if you reside outside of Queensland, Australia. We do not know the laws in the jurisdiction you reside in. ZU Bladeworx Australia Pty Ltd is not responsible for you being charged with owning something that is NOT legal to own in your own state or country.

We will not be held responsible for any interstate or overseas knife seizures. The loss is yours and we cannot refund your purchase if the item is taken from you. We cannot take returns from overseas as many of our products are Queensland legal under state law but not legal to import back into Australia without prior government authorisation and permits.

General Information

  • Our products are only available to adults 18+
  • We advise you to make use of protective equipment, such as safety glasses and gloves, when using our equipment.
  • Our tools are not designed or suitable to be thrown.
  • Our products are all warrantied against manufacturer defects.
  • Our products are not warrantied against deliberate abuse.
  • Returns are generally not accepted unless there are special circumstances.  Please contact us first before returning any items. We reserve the right to refuse any warranty claim if we feel the tool was abused or used in a way not suitable for the design of the tool. .
  • If purchasing from overseas, ZU Bladeworx is never responsible for your loss if your purchase is seized by your own Customs department.

By purchasing our tools, you warranty Zu Bladeworx against any future claim for any damage, injury, or death, accidental or on purpose, caused by our tools.  If you do not agree to this, do not purchase our tools.  At no time can a claim be brought against ZU Bladeworx for any damage, injury, or death, accidental or on purpose, resulting from using or owning one of our tools.

By purchasing our products you accept all terms and conditions written above.