Paul has been involved with the Australian Army for 30 years, either as a soldier or a preferred contractor, as he is today.
For most of that time he was a member of the Special Forces (SF), serving in the 1st Commando Regiment and 4RAR Commando before he became a founding member of the 2nd Commando Regiment (2CDO) in 2009.
As a Commando, he was deployed five times on combat tours to Afghanistan and Iraq, and at home served as a team leader in the Tactical Assault Group, Australia’s elite anti-terror unit comprised of Commandos (TAG-East) and SAS operators (TAG-West).
Paul’s personal hand-to-hand combat experiences in theatres of war, and those of his fellow Commandos, have guided his development of the Kinetic Fighting system. This evolution began when, as a sergeant with 2 CDO, Paul redeveloped the Close Quarter Fighting (CQF) course for Special Forces, and co-founded the 2 CDO Integrated Combat Centre (ICC). Paul later created the Infantry Integrated Combat (IIC) course being used by the entire Australian Infantry Corps, and is now the Army’s subject-matter expert in delivering the Army Combatives Program. ACP Level 1 is compulsory training for all Australian soldiers.

Paul Cale has developed 3 knives with Zu Bladeworx including;

  • Paul Cale Ghost
  • the Punisher (with Ray Floro)
  • the Paul Cale Reaper