Ray Floro developed Floro Fighting Systems (FFS) – a realistic, simplified method of dealing with armed and unarmed confrontations and specialising in the awareness and defence of edged weapon assaults.
Ray has instructed the US Special Forces, Korean Special Forces, various SWAT teams, New Zealand Police, and does formal presentations for various Tactical Response Groups and Victorian Police. By discussing and formulating formal training programs and teaching guidelines,
FFS has now been adopted by military personnel and law enforcement worldwide. Several Law Enforcement and “SWAT” personnel have also chosen to use the principles in their training academy. (source – www.rayfloro.net)

Ray has developed numerous knives with Zu Bladeworx including;

  • The Archangel,
  • FFSK and FFSK Ultralight
  • Punisher (with Paul Cale)
  • Ruffneck
  • Spectre