WO2 Aaron Johnston

  • Career – Australian Army Special Forces
  • Rank Achieved- Warrant Officer Class Two

Aaron’s service in the Australian Defence Force began in 1992 which includes active duty overseas. Aaron holds a number of roles in the ADF including, Company Sergeant Major of the 7th Brigade Combative Centre, Vice President of the Australian Defence Force Martial Arts Association, and President of the 7th Brigade Integrated Combat Club. Aaron holds qualifications in SF Close Quarter Fighting and the Army Combatives Program.

In addition he holds black belts in ACP/Kinetic Fighting Integrated Combat, Freestyle Martial Arts, and Kwon Bop Do and a Brazilian JiuJitsu Brown Belt. Supporting the philosophy of Martial Arts, Aaron is researching how the principles of Martial Arts can be applied to life outside the sport, and he is currently focused on developing community programs utilising martial arts to assist our veterans.


Aaron has worked extensively with ZU Bladeworx and has developed the Shrapnel Clearing Knife with them. The Shrapnel was designed by Aaron as a tool to compliment the Australian Army ACP courses that he manages for the Australian Army Integrated Combat Centres.